Common Conditions Treated


How to prepare for your Colonoscopy

To have a successful preparation of your bowel and avoid you having to come back again, your bowel must be empty and clean. You must follow the diet set out in this leaflet and take the Senna laxative and both sachets of Picolax. You may need to have a blood test prior to starting the prep. This will be discussed with you by the Pre-Assessment nurse.

4 days before your appointment

Stop taking any medication that may cause you to become constipated for example Lomitil or Codeine Phosphate but continue to take all your usual medications.

3 days before your appointment

You must drink at least one glass of fluid every hour throughout the day, over the 3 day preparation period. If you can do this your bowel will be empty and clean and ready for your colonoscopy examination. Please avoid using Non Steroidal Anti inflammatory drugs e.g. Ibuprofen, Diclofenac from today until after the colonoscopy. You may have been asked to stop certain medications from today. The Pre Assessment nurse will confirm these with you.

Medications to stop

2 days before your appointment

If you are taking Fybogel or any other fibre products stop taking them now. The fibre content of these products will work against the special diet you are about to take. Start your diet at breakfast. Eat freely from the foods in the diet list unless you are allergic to or have been advised to avoid, certain foods. Continue to drink fluids every hour from the diet list.

At 10pm - Take the Senna tablets provided

If these instructions are not followed your test may be cancelled or need repeating.

The day before your appointment

Continue to follow the instructions given above and only eat and drink from the list below. You may have been asked to stop certain medications today. The Pre-Assessment nurse will confirm these with you.

Medications to stop

1pm No more food to be eaten after this time until after your colonoscopy
2pm Dissolve the first sachet of Picolax in a large glass of water. Stir well. If it becomes hot wait until it cools sufficiently to drink. Make sure you are within easy reach of a toilet once you have taken the Picolax. Be prepared to have your bowels opened several times during the course of the preparation. You may have bowel cramping discomfort, this is normal. Please continue to drink plenty of fluids from the diet list provided throughout the day and evening, to avoid dehydration.
6pm Dissolve the second sachet of Picolax as above and drink all this mixture even if you have had your bowels opened several times. Continue to drink plenty of fluids as listed in the diet list.
CLEAR FLUIDS INCLUDE: Water, Black tea, Black coffee, (with or without sugar), Marmite/Bovril in hot water, Lucozade, coke/pepsi, squash for example Ribena, Orange etc (not pure/freshly squeezed fruit juice).

Diet List

Do not eat any foods or have any drinks that are not on this list, and NO MILK in any form.

Meat Lean meat e.g. chicken, turkey, beef, ham, rabbit, tofu and Quorn
Fish White fish only (not fried)
Eggs Boiled, poached or scrambled (no milk to be added).
Vegetables Potatoes boiled or mashed only (no milk to be added)
Cereals White rice and pasta, boiled only (no wholemeal varieties)
Bread White bread only
Drinks Black tea or coffee, fruit squash (not freshly squeezed). Marmite, Oxo, Bovril as well as lots of water.
Fats A daily allowance of 25g/1oz of butter or margarine
Other Plain jelly, rich tea biscuits, honey, golden syrup, sweeteners and salt.